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June 3rd
6:24 PM

Princess Of China (Official Music Video) by Coldplay feat. Rihanna

May 17th
4:45 PM

Right By My Side (feat. Chris Brown) by Nicki Minaj

May 9th
10:58 PM

THE SIMPSONS - Promo for Lisa Goes Gaga airing SUNDAY 5/20 on FOX :)

I’m so excited, it’s their season finale and it’s gonna be epic! GAGA <3

April 30th
9:02 PM

Where Have You Been (Official Music Video) by Rihanna

April 18th
7:15 PM

How We Do (Party) (Official Music Video) by RITA ORA

April 14th
11:44 PM

My current obsession right now. <3 :)

April 12th
10:47 PM

Lies (Acoustic) by Marina And The Diamonds

I’m sorry but this song will slay your life. OMG IT’S SO GOOD

March 13th
7:45 PM

Primadonna (Official Music Video) by Marina and The Diamonds

Finally!! It’s out <3

February 28th
11:22 PM


And yes I’m a VIP now. #LOL #ILoveBIGBANGSOMUCHNOW this song is freakin’ flawless, it’s their comeback song! <3

December 23rd
4:44 PM

You Da One (Official Video) by Rihanna