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February 17th
9:13 PM

18. Please don’t be in love with someone else.

February 16th
7:25 PM

17. I’m in love with you, you just doesn’t know it yet.

February 15th
8:02 PM

16. We can’t always get what we want.

February 13th
11:52 PM

15. You can call me selfish, but all I want is your love.

10:40 PM

14. I was just hurt, that’s all, and you didn’t even care at all.

7:29 PM

13. Without me, you’d be fine, right?

February 11th
9:52 PM

12. I don’t envy you it’s that, you have everything I ever wanted.

8:48 PM

11. I always fall for the wrong person.

February 9th
9:08 PM

10. I’m not fake like some of my friends, I say what I feel, and I say what I think about you, and I’m not afraid to hear others opinion about me, cause in the future, that will make me strong.