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November 12th
4:55 PM


by Rihanna

Farewell | Rihanna

4:12 PM

Talk That Talk is leaked today!

Well not the full album, but the 8 songs from that album.

I bet it sounds goooood! I’m downloading it right now! 

3:39 PM

So I just heard Rihanna’s new song from her album “Talk That Talk” which will be out on November 21st, the new song is entitled “You Da One” and it’s really good! I love Rihanna so much, it’s so good and so catchy! 

I am so excited for her new album, I hope it will be as good as “LOUD” or even better! :)

October 21st
10:36 PM

IDK why, but I love the video of We Found Love by Rihanna, I just can’t wait for her new album, I’m sure it’s gonna be fantastic! 

Nicely done, RiRi. (: