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January 11th
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January 10th
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So I didn’t get in to my dream university…

The moment I saw my DLSUCET results, I wasn’t that shocked that I didn’t pass, maybe because I already anticipated that I’m not going to pass, I prayed a lot to God that I hope I passed the college entrance exam, but I guess He has better plans for me! :)

Yes, I cried because DLSU is my dream school and that was my preferred course and knowing that I didn’t pass and wasn’t good enough just sucks and frustrated me, but I’m still thankful to God that He has given me this opportunity..

I’m also happy because some of my friends passed the DLSUCET and I’m so proud of them no matter what and they really did deserve it, I was just hoping that I was one of those people who will rejoice because I passed, but life is life and it doesn’t always go your way, sometimes you need surpass trials and rejections like this.

I’m so thankful to my friends who cheered me up and said that God has a better plan for me and He knows exactly where I belong, I prayed to Him that if I passed the DLSUCET I’ll praise Him and if I don’t, I’ll still praise Him. All I know is I shouldn’t give up, if I really want to study in this school, I should do everything possible to do so. 

DLSU has reconsideration for those student who didn’t pass the test but still want to try and study there but they must choose another course. I think I’m going to take that reconsideration test, I’m going to think about it. 

Congratulations to those who passed!!! :)

"God answers in three ways: He says yes and gives you what you want, He says no and gives you something better or He says wait and gives you the best"

November 28th
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November 27th
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