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September 26th
10:19 PM

Then You'd Love Me

by Lady GaGa

Then You’d Love Me | Lady Gaga 

This is for me the best song Gaga has ever written, too bad she didn’t released it though, at least she added some lyrics of it in her Fashion Of His Love song in her Born This Way Album.

August 21st
1:34 PM
"If I fell in love with you, would you understand me dear, love is weird."
—  Lady Gaga (Wonderful)
June 1st
2:39 AM

Get your things and go, you can take the dinner leftover from last night, I made you your favorite, good bye.

'Cause baby now that you're caught what am I supposed to say 
When it’s so wrong that what you did but I still feel this way 
I can’t believe it, or forget it, what I saw today 
And if you’re wondering if I’m staying, answer is no way 
No Way (I can’t believe it) 
No Way (I can’t believe it babe)
No Way 

I love this song. LOL